Search Engine Optimization solution

1) Does it matter if I use Strong or Italics in my site’s copy?  —

It relies on who you ask.  😉

My brief response is no.  It does not play a important part in your position.  There may be a small destroy of proof to demonstrate that SE’s position some value on the bolded terms, but not the italicized ones.

If you start bolding keywords and terms all enough time on every web page, it’s going to make for a fairly bad consumer experience.  I would just focus on your headings and subtitles (h1,h2, etc.).  Those are usually approved as the key to copy marketing.

2) How can I find out how much visitors my opponent is receiving?

There is not a clearly described way of doing this.  There are a few resources out there that will give you a difficult calculate, but many are not precise, or do not provide enough information.

But if you cannot avoid verifying anyway, try using, or the  For bigger websites, you can also use, and

3) I’m trying to position well for several keywords and terms, and planning on buying several websites for each.  Is that a wise decision or a bad idea?

In my viewpoint, if you go with several websites, you are breaking your google look for positioning efficiency.  Google opinions each sector address as exclusive.  Because of that, you will have your perform cut out for you if you try to improve each one.  And I’ve observed the arguments…. Yet I’m going to weblink them all together so they all have lots of links”.

What is the point of connecting a lot of websites together that have no power.  This is not the year 2001.  Small website system Page Rank adjustment does not perform any longer.  You need to position all your material on one sector that will obtain believe in with google eventually.  Domain durability performs huge into positions, and you want to be building an overall weblink customer profile for the whole sector.  So… when you are launching that new product, shy away from the enticement to buy a new exclusive sector address to advertise.  Just put it on a listing instead.

4) With all the different look for search engines, which ones should I be improving for, and which are explored the most often?

The 4 most popular look for search engines by far are:  Google, Google, MSN/Live, & Ask   They consist of over 90% of all queries online.

I believe Google is getting around 60-65% of all queries, making it the most essential by far to be improving for, and that number is just improving.  With all the criteria changes, and characteristics occurring between the different look for engines, I do not know of many SEO’s that are particularly concentrating on one motor or another.  If anything, concentrating on Google is the most common.  So many of the fundamentals are the same with all the look for engines.  You should really just be following a set of SEO best methods, and not actually concentrating on one or the other in my view.

5) Should I be public bookmark management my own content on websites like Delightful, Stumbleupon and Reddit?

It is a usually well approved exercise to publish your own content and webpages to public bookmarking websites.  The problem is that without a little help, it is extremely unlikely that these webpages will be found by anyone, and the hyperlinks themselves coming from the websites will bring very little to no weight.

To be truly effective with these websites, social networking with other customers on these websites is essential.  It is nearly difficult to get a distribution on Stumbleupon to the webpage without a little help from other customers in most situations.  So, if you plan to use public bookmarking websites for self advertising your content, make sure you make some relationships around the nation that can help digg/save/vote for your content.

6) My Google Page Rank is currently at a 3.  If it changes to a 4 during the next upgrade will I see a raise in rankings?

The brief answer… no.  The physical figures do not have a lot to do with what is actually occurring on Google’s end.  The Google plugin position that you are making reference to is only modified every 3-4 months, and the change itself has no connection with how your website will position.  Your web page position is modifying all enough time, you just are not able to see it until they make the upgrade.  All that being said, plugin PR can be a evaluate of what Google is seeing and can be a common display of believe in in comparison to other webpages, but there is no need to do backflips when you increase to a PR4… Google probably had you at a 4 lengthy before it’s upgrade.

7) Regarding copy material – Will you be punished if you publish the same information on two websites – i.e. my individual weblog as well as something like Effective Rain? I am backlinking to the exclusive writing on my individual website.

No.  You will not be punished.  The copy material “penalty” problem is fairly questionable, but most SEO’s believe the fact that it’s not a charge at all but a devaluing of the duplicated webpages.  You have to understand that Google does not care that the copy material prevails in the first position, it likes you about which papers is the exclusive so it can position it in it’s google look for.  So when you copy one of your websites to another website, the only thing I would be scared of is that Google would decide that the edition of the article that you duplicated from the exclusive would be considered as the exclusive, thus taking the look for visitors that you may get to your website.  There are a few ways around this…  First would be to simply hold out for a couple of several weeks until after you publish the exclusive edition before you copy it.  Second, you could make a immediate weblink from the duplicated edition returning to the exclusive URL so that Google recognizes it as the exclusive and resource for the material.  Either option can perform.  So the brief response is:  no, you will not get punished provided that you are doing it the right way… and this indicates that you are.


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